Royal Canin Kitten for cats 2kg

At the age of 4 months, although your kitten’s growth may slow down, his activity level continues to increase! At this stage, he needs nutrition specifically adapted to support the development of his bones, muscles, organs, as well as his nervous and immune system. In addition, he is about to develop 30 permanent teeth.

ROYAL CANIN® Kitten has been carefully formulated to meet the nutritional needs of kittens during their growth phase, particularly between 4 and 12 months, a period marked by significant changes both physically and behaviorally.

This tailor-made diet offers adjusted levels of proteins, minerals and vitamins to meet your kitten’s growing energy needs and promote the development of bones and muscles. Nutrients such as vitamin C and E are also present to support the development of one’s immune system, promoting an increased and faster antibody response after vaccination.

ROYAL CANIN® Kitten is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) to support brain development and promote healthy vision in kittens.

Thanks to a combination of prebiotics (MOS) and highly digestible proteins, ROYAL CANIN® Kitten also helps maintain the balance of intestinal flora for optimal digestion.

ROYAL CANIN® Kitten kibbles are specially adapted to your kitten’s small jaw, making comfortable feeding easier.

It is important to note that the nutritional needs of kittens change rapidly as they grow. At 12 months of age, a transition to a diet tailored to the nutritional needs of an adult cat, such as the ROYAL CANIN® adult cat food range, is recommended.

At Royal Canin, we are committed to creating a better world for cats and dogs. With over 50 years of close collaboration with breeders, veterinarians and pet experts, we offer a dedicated approach to precise and individualized nutrition.

All our products undergo a rigorous quality control process to ensure optimal quality food. We select sustainable nutrients, without adding preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. So, when your kitten consumes ROYAL CANIN® Kitten, he benefits from a complete and balanced diet

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